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Photodex ProShow
Producer v4.0.2442 Español

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Datos Técnicos

Photodex ProShow Producer v4.0.2442 Español
17.2MB | English | Spanish Traducción Oleada | Medicina Incl.


Crea presentaciones de diapositivas de manera profesional.
Si ya conoces ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer te sorprenderá más aún pues va más allá, uniendo la facilidad de uso con una rapidez insuperable en la creación de presentación de diapositivas digitales.
Es un programa diseñado especialmente para profesionales, basado en una tecnología ampliamente probada, que ofrece herramientas poderosas y avanzadas.

Caracteristicas Principales

Facilidad para añadir contenidos y diapositivas personalizadas.
Enorme variedad de efectos y transiciones.
Capacidad para añadir y controlar música y sonidos.
Funciones específicas para el trabajo profesional.
Rapidez y calidad superior en los trabajos resultantes.
Creación de DVD y Video CD de autor.
Creación de presentaciones en sitios web mediante un pequeño código HTML integrado.
Creación de archivos de vídeo.
Creación de ejecutables para ser reproducidos en un PC.
Creación de CD con reproducción automática.
Soporte para archivos RAW.
Protección de copia.
Soporta marcas de agua.
Si eres un profesional del medio, no puedes dejar de probar Proshow Producer, te aseguramos que quedarás sorprendido.

Historial de Cambios
Version 4.0.2462
January 9, 2009
New! Slide Styles

Apply effects to your show with just a couple of clicks
Choose from over 75 pre-built styles
Create, save, and share your own effects
Apply pre-built slide effects to any show
Any slide can be made into a style
Minimize work by re-using your favorite slides
New! Blur

Apply blur to any layer
Use keyframes to turn blur in to a variety of effects
New! Adjustment Layers

Create special layers that apply adjustments to parts of your show
Adjustment layers behave like masks - easily control where adjustments are applied
Use motion and keyframes to create advanced adjustment effects
New! Keyframe Editor

Multi-layer keyframe control window
View keyframes for all layers at once
Easily adjust timing for multiple keyframes at once
Easily align keyframes for layers and captions
Zoom in and out on keyframes
New! On-Screen Controls for Playback

New control bar for Web shows, EXEs, PC Autorun, Share Show
Auto-hiding integrated toolbar appears only when you need it
See the length of a show, and your current position
Seek to any point in the show using the seek bar
Control volume and mute
Switch between full-screen and windowed view
Use output options to disable the control bar for your shows
New! Animated GIF Support

Add animated GIF files to any show
Put all that clip-art to good use
Use the Video Trimmer to trim the length of animated GIFs
New! Improved Audio Sync Tool

Get greatly enhanced control over how your show syncs to audio
Match to the entire soundtrack length, or length of any combination of tracks
Modify slide times, transition times, or both
Limit the amount of change to transition times so they don’t get too big
Make all your times the same, or maintain proportions between slides
Times that are locked get left alone - so your complex slides aren’t fried
New! Updated User Interface

New Slide Options interface groups tabs into categories
Refreshed Slide List display shows icons for locked time, layers, notes, and more
View Timeline in seconds or minutes/seconds
Add, remove and manage layers from most Slide Options tabs
Add, remove and manage captions from the Caption Motion tab
Easily access related show options from within Slide Options via links
Configure colors used for the interface
New 16:9 preview areas give you larger previews for today’s hottest output formats
Use keyboard shortcuts to switch Slide Option tabs and layers
Menu buttons for previews, layers and captions put more features at your fingertips
Wider keyframe controls allow more precise timing
New! Names and Notes

Specify names for layers and slides to help you stay organized
Specify notes for layers, slides and shows.
Use names to keep your templates organized
Use notes to track your progress as you work on a show
Document how a show works before sharing with others
New! Modifiers

Advanced feature allows for options to be adjusted based on other settings
Link effect options between layers
Use constant or function based modifiers for settings
New! Rotation Center Point

Adjust the center point for rotation effects
Easily rotate images around any point, such as a corner
Use keyframes to move the center point during the effect
New! Lock Times

Lock slide time to prevent changes, even during audio sync
Lock slide time to the length of a video layer
Lock slide time to the length of a slide sound
New! Improved Audio Control

Trim / Crop Audio Visually in the Timeline
Audio Trimmer Displays Relative Show Timing
Control fade in/out for audio contained in video layers
New! Rotate Video File Output

Change orientation of video file output, great for vertical flat-screen TVs and kiosks
New! Collect Show Files Listing

Use the Collect Show Files dialog to save a list of content in your show
Additional Changes and Improvements

New! Set Precise Fly In/Out Timing with Right Click on Caption Keyframe
New! Randomize Pan, Zoom, and Rotate Motion Independently
New! Option to Remove All Captions from a Slide
New! Automatic Check for Updates, with Preferences for Frequency
New! Preferences for Auto-Save Frequency
New! Preferences for Number of Backups to Save
New! Preferences for Text Displayed for Files in the File List
New! Preferences to enable/disable confirmations when you are closing Slide Options
Slide Styles Included with Version 4

Included Producer Only Styles:
A Camera Flash with Print
Display of Four
Dramatic Titles
Flying in Pairs
Flying in Pairs 4×3
Flying Snapshots 1
Flying Snapshots 2
Gradient Mask Blend
Moving Lineup
Photo Shake
Reflection 1
Reflection 1 4×3
Reflection 2
Reflection 2 4×3
Rows Unfolding
Shift to Color 1
Shift to Color 2
Shift to Grayscale 1
Shift to Grayscale 2
Spinning Three
The Grid
The Grid 4×3
Photo Print Edge (New)
Vignette Dramatic (New)
Vignette Subtle (New)
Included Producer and Gold Styles:

A Moving Backdrop
A Photo Border
A Photo Border 4×3
Colorize Grayscale
Colorize Sepia Antiqued
Display of Five
Display of Five 4×3
Display of Five Still
Display of Five Still 4×3
Display of Nine Collapsing
Display of Nine Expanding
Display of Nine Still
Display of Three Collapsing
Display of Three Expanding
Display of Three Still
Filmstrip Border
Filmstrip Border 4×3
Filmstrip Border Still
Filmstrip Border Still 4×3
Images of Love
Images of Love Still
Photo Stack 1 Collapsing
Photo Stack 1 Expanding
Photo Stack 1 Still
Photo Stack 2 Collapsing
Photo Stack 2 Expanding
Photo Stack 2 Still
Scrolling Credits
Single Snapshot
Single Snapshot Still
Spin and Grow
Spin and Shrink
Still Photo Black
Still Photo White
Swap Left 1
Swap Left 2
Swap Right 1
Swap Right 2
Swap Still
Three to One
Three to One 4×3
Three to One Still
Three to One Still 4×3
Title with Four Images
Title with Four Images
Title with Four Images Still
Title with Four Images Still 4×3
Triptych 4×3
Triptych Still
Triptych Still



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Traducción Español: Photodex ProShow Producer v4.0.2442

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